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A Head for Business, A Heart for Consumers!

Roger Koopman


consumers first

on the PSC


Most political observers thought there was “no way” we could defeat a very well
known and entrenched veteran politician (John Vincent) in the heavily Democratic
PSC District 3. From what I’ve been told, District 3 has never been represented by
a Republican before – let alone by a strong conservative!

Then too, when the DIRCs (my term for Democrats in Republican clothing) began
attacking me and publicly endorsing the ultra-liberal Vincent, these same observers
and “experts” were ready to throw the dirt on my coffin. It was all over, they

And yet we won!!! When I’m asked how we did it, I respond that we deployed
a “secret weapon” on Mr. Vincent that he knows very little about: W-O-R-K.
Sure, we can talk about our “great” literature, our “great” radio and TV
spots, our “great” campaign plan, etc., but at the end of the day, it was all about
YOU. We won because of all the hard work, financial support, letters to editors,
encouragements and prayers that came from so many good people across the
district – far too many to name, but you know who you are!

Moreover, rather than hurting me, the Vincent endorsements and vicious attacks
from so-called “fellow Republicans” (O’Hara, McNutt, MacLaren, Bob Brown,
Bohlinger, Hargrove, Murdoch, Wortman and Wally Sales) were actually a huge
boost to my campaign, in at least three ways: (1) they unified and mobilized
the state Republican Party behind my candidacy, (2) they brought an instant
infusion of desperately needed cash into the campaign, and (3) they were a massive
motivational factor with my volunteers, who thereafter worked twice as hard! So I
should really thank the DIRCs for contributing to the success of the campaign.

I also think their blatant betrayal of the party to which they claim membership is
having a long-term positive effect on the Montana Republican Party itself, which is
(a) becoming more unified around core principles and a gritty determination to win,
and (b) becoming less tolerant of liberal Republicans who will sell the party out at
the drop of a hat, every time a true conservative is running. These folks are proving
out what people like Rob Natelson and I have said for years: that conservatives
will fight their battles in the party primaries and then close ranks around whoever
the party nominates, while liberals, if they consider the party’s nominee to be “too
conservative,” will immediately pick up all their marbles and join the Democrats.
(They, of course, do the same thing in the legislature, joining with the Dems to kill
the best Republican legislation.) Montana Republicans – tired of losing – are finally
wising up to this.

The day after the elections, a very well known and highly respected Silver Bow
Democrat called me on the phone to congratulate me. Astounded, he told me I had
pulled by far more votes out of Butte and Anaconda than any other Republican,
past or present. He viewed me as some kind of GOP “political genius,” particularly
considering the common wisdom that only Republican “moderates” and liberals can
attract votes in hard core union Democrat areas.

Well, I am certainly no genius and I am certainly no moderate, either! But gaining
an extra 1200 votes out of Butte was huge, and is turning a lot of heads. The
explanation is simple. Hard work pays off. Going door to door in Butte paid
off. Putting up signs in Butte paid off. Distributing door hangers in Butte paid
off. Standing in front of the Civic Center in Butte all day on Election Day with my
fellow sign wavers paid off. Not retreating from a strong “pro-people” conservative
message in Butte paid off. It’s not rocket science. It’s believing in the cause of
freedom and taking it to the streets. In politics, workers win. Whiners lose.

Once again, I want to express my deep and heart-felt appreciation to everyone who
supported this campaign with their votes, their efforts, their resources and their
prayers. I am honored, elated, and truly humbled by the opportunity before me to
serve on the Public Service Commission. It is a huge job, and I will need your help
and prayers now, more than ever. Thank you!

Roger Koopman

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